About the Michigan Bean Commission

Michigan works hard to grow and market world-class beans that reflect where they came from and the passionate commitment of the people involved.

The Michigan Bean Commission, dedicated to researching and promoting dry beans, contributes to Michigan’s global recognition as a top producer of dry edible beans. More than 1,100 bean conventional and organic growers are in the state are dedicated to bringing consumers a delicious variety of high-quality, nutritious dry beans. Harvested from late August through October, Michigan beans are available year-round, either canned or in dry packaging.

Michigan Bean Facts:

  • Michigan is the #1 producer of organic beans in the USA.
  • Michigan producers grow a variety of dry edible beans, including black beans, cranberry beans, great northern beans, red kidney beans, navy beans, pinto beans, small red beans, and yellow eye beans.
  • Michigan produces over 400 million pounds of edible beans and is the nation’s second-largest producer of total dry beans.
  • Michigan is first in the nation in the production of black beans, cranberry beans, and small red beans and second in the country in the production of navy beans.
  • Rich farmland in Michigan’s “thumb” counties produces more beans than any other place in the state, and Michigan’s Huron County is one of the top dry bean-producing counties in the nation.
  • The Michigan Bean Commission is headquartered in Frankenmuth, Michigan. Frankenmuth is in the heart of the bean-growing area, near Michigan State University and the University of Michigan, providing research and product innovation resources.
  • Michigan’s Bean growers have a long production history and are recognized worldwide as industry leaders.