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Michigan's Dry Edible Bean Resources for Health Professionals

Michigan is known throughout the world as a top producer of dry edible beans. The Michigan Bean Commission (MBC) based in Frankenmuth, represents approximately 1100 growers in the state, producing a variety of high-quality edible beans.  As today’s consumers become increasingly health conscious, the value of incorporating nutrient dense beans into the daily diet is an opportunity for nutrition professionals to become bean advocates for increased selection and consumption of Michigan dry beans.

MBC Bean Academy Webinars

The Michigan Bean Commission is pleased to offer a series of free CDR-accredited webinars to nutrition professionals.  

Michigan Dry Bean varieties

Bean Nutrition Facts

The U.S. Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommends eating about 3 cups of legumes, including beans, per week. 

Michigan Bean Commission

Dry Bean Varieties

There are 9 different varieties of Michigan Beans from Adzuki to White Kidney Beans.

Dietitian toolkit

Learn more about what dietitians can do with beans.